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Logo and creative designing

A logo is the face identity of your business. It is a tool used to create your brand identity.

We @Digital Wings have a team of highly specialized and creative people who are ready to curate and customized an impactful face for your brand. We also provide you services such as creatives, menu card designing, flex designing and much more to give you a complete experience altogether.


●    Brand identification

●    Higher engagement

●    Continuous visibility

●    Easy to remember

●    One time investment

Website development and marketing

The website is a must in today’s tech-savvy world. People today prefer virtual experience by sitting in pajamas than actually going to the outlet. This leads to more and more online purchases day by day. Moreover, it’s available 24×7. One must also not ignore the trust and craziness building up towards online shopping.

Websites have now become your sales agents. The more professional looking your web presence is the more benefits it will yield. We @Digital Wings are well equipped with expert designers, writers, and handler which is just enough to give your business a mind-blowing web presence.


●    Business portfolio

●     24x7 accessibility

●    Convenient to sellers and buyers

●    Umbrella tool for marketing, advertising, sales, and customer feedback.

●     Cost-effective


Search Engine Optimisation

SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO is the most important tool required to keep your content visible online.

Around 93% of people search online before making a purchase decision. One can keep a close watch on his competitor taking into consideration their website ranking.

When one puts a specific word or phrase known as a keyword in a search engine a list of the relevant website is revealed.


The higher the website rank the better is its SEO. A top few searches get the most traffic. 


Hence, it is important for every business. Now wondering how to do SEO?

Well...  then we @Digital wings are here to lend you our tools of SEO so that we can FLY HIGH TOGETHER.


●    High visibility

●    Higher traffic

●    Higher exposure

●     Better brand identity.

●     Higher business credibility.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing also is known as SMM for short is nothing but effective use of social media in various ways to market your product or service. Social Media is at everyone’s fingertips these days making it easy for businesses to market their products online. Social Media being free is one of the cheapest but most effective ways to showcase your brand. 

We do understand that social media handling is very time-consuming progress and businesses have to focus upon many things at a time. Leave your social media handles to us and we will cater you with the best services @Digital Wings.


●     Showcase your brand


●     Developed loyal community

●     Boost traffic

●     Cost-effective

●     Effective buyer-seller communication


Content Marketing

Content marketing is an indirect but effective way to build customer communication most efficiently. Telling your brand story is a very easy and educational manner. However, it does not use any hard selling techniques. Information is provided to turn your prospective customers into paying customers.

Content could be anything whether a creative post, a picture, a blog, a meme, a video, some infographics, podcasts or eBooks. It aims at adding value to your business. When your prospective customer goes through these contents he or she is more likely to make a purchase design. Customers wish to get quality information most effectively and entertainingly on the path to purchase a product.

We @Digital Wings do understand the importance of effective content designing and hence, provide you with our highly specialized content development service.


●     Client engagement


●     Media presence

●     Website traffic

●     Brand awareness

●     Effective buyer-seller communication


Email Marketing

Email marketing is simply nothing, but the use of Emails to reach your customers and promoting the product. These newsletters are very useful in keeping customers updated about various updates of your business and establishing a strong contact with them. 

Crafting effective Emails and Newsletters is a craftsman’s job. Hence we @Digital Wings provide you with effective Email Marketing services giving your business wings which will help it FLY HIGH with us.


●      Personalized contact


●     Real-time communication

●     Increased web traffic

●     High visibility

●     Cost-effective

SMS Marketing

SMS is something everyone knows may it be tech-savvy people or the ones who are less aware of the technology. Almost 70% of the overall population possesses a mobile. This makes SMS marketing very convenient. SMS is easy to send, have a longer reach and are cost-effective. 

We @Digital Wings design customize content that suits your SMS marketing requirements.


●     Viral potential


●     Cost-effective

●     Higher connectivity

●     Easy accessibility

●     Larger audience

Video Marketing

Videos are the most entertaining way to promote your product or service online. Online videos have become the necessity of the hour.  There exist two major steps in business namely attracting and convincing. Videos help you to take care of both at the same time. How? Let’s dive deep and find the answers. 

In today’s world, people have less patience they seek easy information in place of reading long content on websites and blogs?  Videos are short, sweet and entertaining all at once. This phenomenon makes them attractive. Now coming to convincing, human brains can process a video 60000times faster than text which makes it 70% more effective. 

We @Digital Wings help you to make such informative but entertaining videos that help you convert your potential customers to buying customers. 


●     Entertaining 


●     Induces sale

●     Outstanding reach

●     Cost-effective

●      Time-saving

Theatre Advertisement

Cinema theatres are certainly one of the most useful places to portray your brands. Theatres expose you to a greater audience at a single point of time making it apt/ perfect to showcase your brand. This helps the brand create huge followership in a cost-effectively.

We @Digital Wings understand your need for capturing a wider customer base and hence, provide you with theatre advertisement in collaboration with UFO Frames at a very pocket-friendly price.


●     Cost-effective


●     Outstanding reach

●     Time-saving

●     Entertaining

●     Competitive advantage